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Dec2012 Best Medal

VOTE: Best Race Medal – December 2012

The Bling Case had fewer submissions in December now that winter is upon us. A lot of the medals obviously had Christmas/Winter themes which was fun but there were quite a few “end of the world”/”last chance” submissions also. The world didn’t end so guess what? You get to vote! 🙂 We chose the 16 medals below for you to vote on in the last Best Race Medal monthly vote of 2012. The medal that receives the most votes for December 2012 will be included in the contest for the Best Race Medal of 2012.

Here are the Best Race Medal winners so far this year:
January – Inaugural Louisiana Marathon Medal 2012 
February – Surf City Marathon Medal 2012
March – Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon Medal 2012
April – Flying Pirate Half Marathon Medal 2012
May – Safari Park Half Marathon Medal 2012
June – Navy Ten Nautical Miler Medal 2012
July – Sogonapmit Marathon Medal 2012
August – North Country Run Medal 2012
September – United States Air Force Marathon Medal 2012
October – The Showdown Half Marathon Medal (2012)
November – The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon Medal (2012)

Pick your favorite December 2012 race medal from these 16 and vote!


Thanks for voting!


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