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Run It Fast Race Across the USA Vintage Map

Run It Fast’s Race Across the USA – ‘The Return Voyage’ Launches from NYC

Moments ago, at midnight Eastern Time, we launched Run It Fast’s ‘Race Across the USA: The Return Voyage,’ a 2,907 mile virtual team relay journey from Battery Park in New York City to the Santa Monica Pier just past Los Angeles.

We have 132 runners, walkers, and hikers of all levels, from 16 states and four countries, taking part in this edition of our Race Across the USA. Those 132 are broken down onto 12 teams of 11 runners each.

All miles are equal in that a fast mile and a slow mile both count the same. Runners can submit as many segments of miles daily as long as each one is 1.0+ miles. The race is 2,907 miles long. The first team to accumulate this number of miles will be the winner, and the race will conclude when the 12th and final team makes it to the Santa Monica Pier.

All four captains from our initial Run Across the USA team relay have returned along with eight new ones.

Team Names and Captains:

  • The Metcalvary – Jen Metcalf
  • Mojo Rising – Joshua Holmes
  • Trip 2 My Lou – Marylou Corino
  • Peers One – Rich Peers
  • Eli’s PR Ice – Melissa Price
  • The Beetroots – Lance McDermott
  • Crowe Bars – Seth Crowe
  • Kicking Glass – Tiffani Glass
  • Tuck n’ Stroll – Shane Tucker
  • Rev Run – David Pharr
  • Alfa’s Omegas – Alfa Severino
  • Grapes of Rath – Scott Kufferath

Jill Williams is once again holding it all down as our very detailed Mission Control. Kufferath is not running due to injury nor counted as a runner on his team.

After the runners signed up for the event, a random drawing was held where names were pulled out of a hat to assign them to a team. The last 10 runners to sign up were manually assigned to a team today before we started and about 5 drafted runners were moved between teams to even some things out and make it easier on family/captains.

Big miles are abound and new friendships will be made on the ground. We truly appreciate everyone taking part to make this an amazing journey during these unusual times.

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