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Cowtown Marathon & Half Marathon Medals (2013)

This is the medal for the Cowtown Marathon that was held on February 24, 2013 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Here is another view of the marathon medal and some photos of the half marathon medal:

The medals for both the marathon and half marathon are pretty unique. Lots of detail and a great shape. But what’s very cool about this medal is that if you run the event 5 times, the medals fit together to make a star! Congrats to Michelle (@Rnrgrltx) for earning 5 years of bling! Check out her medals:

Pretty cool, huh? You can also do the Cowtown Challenge during the race weekend. If you run the 5K or 10K on Saturday and run the half marathon, marathon, or 50K on Sunday, then not only will you get a medal for each event but also the very cool Cowtown Challenge Medal. Congrats to RIF #60 Christy for completing the Cowtown Challenge this year! Here’s a photo showing all the bling she received this weekend:


[medal photos submitted by RIF #60 Christy Bowers – follow her on Twitter @run2bake, by Michelle K – follow her on Twitter @Rnrgrltx, by Mindy M – follow her on Twitter @mindymilner, by Curt Metzger – follow him on Twitter @distance66, and by Alex Castillo – follow him on Twitter @acast2377]

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