Run It Fast – Jackson

Run It Fast – Jackson


A local running club comprised of runners from Jackson, Tennessee and West Tennessee.  All members of Run It Fast – Jackson are part of the national Run It Fast club.

The ‘crew’ is comprised of established runners who currently run lots of races and put down lots of miles.


As a part of Run It Fast – Jackson you will receive a Run It Fast tech shirt for joining. There is not a better way to receive encouragement at a race than to be sporting the RIF shirt. You will hear ‘Run It Fast’ at the exact moment your energy dips or you need that extra push to finish that race or set a new PR.

In addition, you will have access to Run It Fast coaches to discuss running your first 5K, half marathon, marathon, or ultra. You will also receive discounts on Run It Fast clothing/merchandise and to future RIF races, events, and non-RIF races where we can procure a group discount.

We are also working on creating a place on for you to store your races and results in addition to a point system to rank runners to create end of the year awards based on total distance, speed, and other factors.

All membership benefits associated with the national Run It Fast – The Club as well.

Membership Pricing:

  • 1-year membership – $35.00 (includes Run It Fast tech shirt & shipping)
  • Renewal after year 1 –  $15

Run It Fast – Jackson Crew

  • Ultras/Marathons – Joshua Holmes
  • Trails – Jeff Fugate
  • Half Marathons/Marathons – Scott Stader
  • Youth – TBA
  • Recruitment – Marj Mitchell

Run It Fast – Jackson Members

  1. Joshua Holmes (Jackson, TN) RIF #1 – – Twitter: @bayou
  2. Jonathan Bobbitt (Jackson, TN) RIF #3 – Twitter: @jonathanbobbitt
  3. Marj Mitchell (Henderson, TN) RIF #4
  4. Jeff Fugate (Jackson, TN) RIF #17
  5. David Oglesby (Jackson, TN) RIF #19
  6. Anthony Ohrey (Henderson, TN) RIF #27
  7. Scott Lochridge (Jackson, TN) RIF #32
  8. Robin Robbins (Milan, TN) RIF #33
  9. Todd Shadburn (Jackson, TN) RIF #35
  10. JD Favara (Jackson, TN) RIF #38
  11. Tanya Favara (Jackson, TN) RIF #39
  12. Scott Stader (Jackson, TN) RIF #40 – Twitter: @ScottStader
  13. Mark Finton (Trenton, TN) RIF #41
  14. Cody Whitehead (Jackson, TN) RIF #43
  15. Daniela Obregon (Jackson, TN) RIF #49 – Twitter: @nanyob
  16. Amanda Cottingham (Bells, TN) RIF #61
  17. John Hudson (Jackson, TN) RIF #63
  18. Leah Harrison (Henderson, TN) RIF #64
  19. Jonathan Harrison (Henderson, TN) RIF #65 – Twitter: @jdharrison37
  20. James Krenis (Jackson, TN) RIF #67
  21. Jonathan Stewart (Jackson, TN) RIF #71 – Twitter: @pacerpurple
  22. Forrest Lanier (Jackson, TN) RIF #77
  23. Kristen Doyle (Jackson, TN) RIF #78
  24. Scott Gatlin (Jackson, TN) RIF #80
  25. Matthew Wiley (Jackson, TN) RIF #82
  26. Brad Box (Jackson, TN) RIF #83
  27. David Johnson (Jackson, TN) RIF #84
  28. Brett Beckham (Jackson, TN) RIF #85
  29. Rusty Butcher (Jackson, TN) RIF #91
  30. Stephanie Johnson (Jackson, TN) RIF #120
  31. Chris Nelson (Milan, TN) RIF #135
  32. Jim Warmbrod (Jackson, TN) RIF #137
  33. Steven Reagan (Brownsville, TN) RIF #157
  34. Julie Montgomery (Beech Bluff, TN) RIF #162
  35. Joseph Montgomery (Beech Bluff, TN) RIF #163
  36. Nathan Judd (Finger, TN) RIF #166
  37. Martha Floyd (Jackson, TN) RIF #167
  38. Billy Cannon (Milan, TN) RIF #169
  39. Mark Watson (Medina, TN) RIF #173
  40. Michael Farrar (Jackson, TN) RIF #175
Runner of the Year Point System – Jackson (details being worked out….all thoughts are welcome on this)

Local Jackson/West Tennessee Race Calendar

Run It Fast – Jackson Facebook Page

Run It Fast on Twitter @RunItFast

Local Jackson/West TN Results:

Run It Fast on Twitter

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