120th Boston Marathon Live Coverage (2016)


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Kenneth Williams finished the Boston Marathon in 4:57:51. It’s about Kenneth’s 14th Boston Marathon finish. Congrats, Kenneth! #RunItFast

RIF’s Linzie Starr finished the Boston Marathon in 5:19:43. Congrats!! #RunItFast

Run It Fast’s Angie Whitworth Pace finished the Boston Marathon in 4:28:30. Congrats, Angie!!! #RunItFast

Run It Fast’s Kendra Fields Schoffstall finishes the Boston Marathon in 4:38:36. Congrats, Kendra!! #RunItFast

He did it! RIF #33 Robin Robbins finished the Boston Marathon in 4:12:11. Congrats, Robin! Dreams do come true with a vision and hard work. Proud of you my friend! ‪#‎HylandsFYFL‬ ‪#‎RunItFast‬

Legendary RIF member Dallas Smith, at 75 yo, finishes another Boston Marathon. This one in 4;07:25. #RunItFast

Run It Fast’s Aimee Shilling finishes in 3:53:03. Congrats, Aimee!

Run It Fast members Cary Morgan finishes 3:46:05 and Jen Metcalf finishes in 3:54:36.

Run It Fast’s Kevin Gerteisen finishes in 3:47:30.

Run It Fast’s Nadia Ruiz finishes in 3:35:43.

Run It Fast’s Michelle Bischoff finishes strong with a time of 3:34:11. Congrats, Michelle! #RunItFast

RIF’s Linzie Starr hits halfway in 2:19:03. Projected for a 4:42 finish.

Run It Fast’s David Dye finishes in 4:01:03.

Run It Fast’s Dean Karnazes finishes in 3:48:58.

Mas Korima’s Patrick Sweeney finishes in 3:23:13.

#HylandsFYFL Robin Robbins hits halfway in 2:00:28.

Run It Fast’s Tim Christoni finishes the Boston Marathon in 3:11:39.

RIF Angie Whitworth Pace hits half in 2:08:55. Tim Christoni is at 40k and close to a finish.

RIF Roy Tamaz 1:54:15 half marathon split.

Run It Fast member rundown:

  • Robin Robbins 10K in 56:07
  • Dallas Smith 10K in 53:57
  • Angie Whitworth Pace 15K in 1:26:27
  • Jen Metcalf 15K in 1:21:20
  • David Dye 25K in 2:03:01
  • Michelle Bischof 15K in  1:15:08
  • Aimee Shilling 15K in 1:15:16
  • Roy Tamaz 15K in 1:19:47
  • Tim Christoni 30K in 2:13:20
  • Kendra Fields Schoffstall 10K in 58:11
  • Kevin Gerteisen 25K in 2:05:21

Congrats to the top 3 men and women:


  1. Lemi Berhanu Hayle (Ethiopia) – 2:12:45
  2. Lelisa Desisa (Ethiopia) – 2:13:32
  3. Yemane Adhane Tsegay (Ethiopia) – 2:14:02


  1. Atsede Baysa (Ethiopia) – 2:29:19
  2. Tirfi Tsegaye (Ethiopia) – 2:30:03
  3. Joyce Chepkirui (Kenya) – 2:30:50

Tsegay takes Korir for 3rd place. Korir finishes in 4th.

Desisa, last year’s champ, finishes in 2nd place.

Lemi Berhanu Hayle (Ethiopia) WINS the 120th Boston Marathon in 2:12:45. Hayle is just 21 years old.

Men: Hayle has a dominating lead. It’s been a coronation jaunt for him the last few miles. He will win the Boston Marathon.


Atsede Baysa (Ethiopia) is the female winner of the 120th Boston Marathon in 2:29:19 in a remarkable come from behind win.

Less than a mile left for Baysa and she is in control and will win the Boston Marathon barring an absolute disaster. She’s left the field and Tsegaye far behind.

Baysa is in a solid lead now by about 10 seconds. She is looking strong and getting stronger as she passes 40k.

The women are neck in neck now between Tsegaye and Baysa.

Tsegaye is currently leading the women with about a 5 second lead over Joyce.

Run It Fast’s David Dye has hit the half way point in 1:39:57.

Top 3 women through 35k

  1. Tirfi Tsegaye 2:04:19
  2. Joyce Chepkirui 2:04:29
  3. Valentine Kipketer 2:04:40

Run It Fast’s Robin Robbins has been spotted before the start of his race. He’s part of the Hylands Find Your Finish Line team. Robin’s journey and story to get to this race is quite amazing.


Mas Korima’s Patrick Sweeney hits the half way point in 1:25:35 wearing Luna sandals and a kilt.

At the half way point the top men stand as:

  1. Yemane Tsegay – 1:06:45
  2. Getu Feleke – 1:06:46
  3. Lemi Hayle – 1:06:46

At the half way point the top three women stand as:

  1. Tirfi Tsegaye – 1:15:33
  2. Valentine Kipketer – 1:15:34
  3. Joyce Chepkirui – 1:15:34

Wind currently at 10mph

Late start to our 120th Boston Marathon live coverage. Someone had to get the kids ready for and to school this morning.



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