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#27 Anthony Ohrey

This week’s Run It Fast – The Club member profile is #27 Anthony Ohrey! I bet you didn’t know Run It Fast – The Club had superheroes in it? Well, there are quite a few! And Anthony is just one of them. There’s even a picture for proof! So read on to meet this week’s superhero, Anthony:


Name: Anthony Ohrey
RIF #: 27
Facebook: Anthony Ohrey


Years Running: 2.5 years
Favorite Race Distance: Half marathon
Favorite PR: Lexington KY half marathon 2011  1:41:55  third in age group
Favorite Race: Mercedes Benz Half Marathon

Favorite Bling: St. Jude Country Music Marathon Nashville (1st full marathon)

Next Race: Southern Plunge half/full marathon
What Makes You FEEL Fast?: Having strangers on a course yelling encouraging words during any race!


What is the strangest/funniest thing you’ve ever seen while running?  I was running in the Mercedes Benz Half Marathon 2011 and it started to warm up to where runners were dropping coats and scarfs off.  A lady about ten feet in front of me had seen a guy drop a Northface  vest and stopped to pick it up.  She said “Oh look, it’s a Northface vest!”  put it on and started running with it.  I thought that it was a little tacky since the clothes left during a race were going to people in need.

Have you ever worn a costume during a race? What was it and for what race? If not, would you?  I went as Captain America to the Warrior Dash 2011 in Manchester TN.  I’m a really big comic geek and had seen the Captain America movie before and I decided to run as him.  I bought a mask and a plastic shield because I had seen pictures of people dressed in all sorts of outfits.  I fit right in!  It was a blast and I plan to break out the costume again (not sure when though).

What is your favorite go-to pre-race meal? I really love a Snickers bar and Monster before 5Ks and half marathons.  I have a blueberry muffin before a marathon.

What is the thing you splurge on after a race?  Chinese food.  I really love Chinese!!!!

Big races or small races? And why?  I really enjoy the small races that have more of that hometown feel like the Coca Cola 10K in Corinth, MS.  It has a very good turnout and all the people are very friendly.  The big races are cool but sometimes it feels like you get lost in all the people!

Anthony with RIF #35 Todd Shadburn

What is the one piece of running gear you can’t leave the house without?  MP3 player.  The music helps move me to the finish line.

What running moment are you most proud of?  I’m most proud of my first marathon in Nashville.  I started off great sticking to my plan of trying to pace myself.  About mile 14 or 15 my legs started to cramp.  By mile 18 I was cramping bad.  I would walk a little and stop, walk a little more and stop and stretch, then try and run some more but I could not go far.  I wanted to stop and just give up but I worked through it and with the help of another runner towards the end I was able to finish my first marathon.

If you can’t run, you’re ________? Prob working.

Finally, is there anything else you would like the rest of the club to know that we didn’t cover in the questions? I really enjoy being part of Run It Fast.  Everyone in the club is a valuable asset to ask questions, get information, and great people. I have met some of the most inspiring people through this club and they have given me helpful advice for my running. I think that I wouldn’t have tried any longer distances than half marathons if it wasn’t for RIF.  Its great to see everyone always encouraging each other and helping out where they are needed.  Thanks

RIFers at The Jackal

Anthony with RIF #4 Marj Mitchell


Having just run as Minnie Mouse at the Disneyland Half Marathon, I am so happy to see another RIF – Club member has also run in a costume. I was beginning to think no one else had. Kudos to Anthony for having fun as Captain America! The best part…he is his own hero. Not only did he not plan on ever running a marathon, but he finished one under tough circumstances. Just goes to prove: we can do more than we think we can…and that is what Run It Fast is all about.

Thanks for sharing Anthony and I hope you share photos of your next race in a costume. Good luck at the Southern Plunge and Run It Fast!

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[All photos submitted by Anthony Ohrey]



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